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Holidays in French Switzerland


Switzerland is in Middle Europe and splits into three different regions: the Italian, French and German Switzerland. The regional variety, the different cultural influences and the peculiarities of the regions are making Switzerland to a varied holiday destination.
The French or Welsch Switzerland is called Romandie. The inhabitants call themselves Romands and look at themselves as a independent cultural unit, which is distinctive demarcated of Switzerland. Officially it contains the French speaking cantons Waadt, Geneva, Neuenburg, Jura and the frankophon parts of bilingual cantons Fribourg, Wallis and Bern.
speech regions are in Swiss politics not laid down. Because of this the regions are a kind of cultural unit, which only common ground the French language is. Even through the Romands are neither German belong then are French people, the inhabitants are more French orientated.: they consume French media, literacy, and others during the German Switzerland is orientated to Germany.
In each season – it doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter – here is a unlimited offer of sport activities and entertainment possibilities. In the warm months of the year offer countless lakes cooling. In the winter are more than 100 fantastic and best prepared skiing areas available. Here are unlimited possibilities to spend the holiday individually to his own ideas and desires.

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